Before embarking on your cloud journey, it’s crucial to understand your organization’s readiness for cloud adoption. Refried Bean offers a vendor-neutral Cloud Readiness Assessment that evaluates core capabilities essential for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Our assessment is available as either a fixed-price package or a more customized evaluation, depending on your specific needs. The goal is to empower your leadership team with valuable insights into your organization’s cloud readiness score across various organizational and technological areas.

In addition to providing clear scoring, our assessment report includes prioritized recommendations for actions that can increase your cloud readiness. This actionable roadmap helps you make informed decisions and plan your cloud adoption strategy effectively.

The standard package includes:

  • A comprehensive cloud readiness report
  • An executive briefing pack to facilitate communication and decision-making

By undertaking a Cloud Readiness Assessment with Refried Bean, you’ll gain a clear understanding of your current position and the steps needed to prepare your organization for a successful cloud migration. Our experts will guide you through the assessment process, providing valuable insights and recommendations tailored to your unique business context.

Don’t leave your cloud readiness to chance. Partner with Refried Bean to assess your capabilities and set the foundation for a smooth and successful cloud adoption journey.