Morrisons, a leading UK supermarket chain, was well on its way to becoming a cloud-native company but lacked vital expertise in network connectivity to cloud services and voice capabilities. Our team at Refried Bean consulted with various business stakeholders to define a comprehensive network and telephony strategy aligned with their goals, enabling Morrisons to successfully navigate their cloud journey.

As part of the largest retail group in the world, ASDA had access to extensive expertise in cloud connectivity through its parent company, Walmart. Refried Bean collaborated with the Walmart teams, providing the EMEA lead on a project to consolidate ASDA’s internet connectivity and direct cloud connectivity. Our involvement helped streamline their infrastructure and optimize their cloud operations.

The customer contact business at Global Payments embarked on an ambitious program to consolidate their contact center technology into a shared multi-tenant platform. Refried Bean designed and deployed a connectivity solution that delivered the required performance while meeting the stringent requirements set by their security teams. Our expertise ensured a seamless transition and enhanced the effectiveness of their customer service operations.

Leeds City Council initiated a transformative program to move public services to a hybrid public and private cloud provision, with the goal of offering infrastructure tenancy to health, social care, and local government bodies throughout the region. Refried Bean provided consultancy services on critical areas such as software-defined networking, cloud connectivity, wide area networking, and cloud services orchestration, empowering the council to deliver efficient and secure services to the community.